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Our current totals for this year’s Catholic Charities 2019 Appeal at Sacred Heart of Jesus Diocesan Shrine and Parish are $28,269 or about 66.5% of our Parish Goal of $42,500  This amount was provided by 155 of about 672 potential donors or about 23.1%.  Our thanks to all those who have so far responded to this year’s campaign so far! 

The campaign officially ends on June 30, 2019 so there is yet plenty of time and opportunity to increase the number of Sacred Heart of Jesus donors and donations to get to our goal

This years’ Diocesan Catholic Charities goal is again $11,000,000. The current Diocesan total stands at $7,947,033 or 73.25%.The donor forms now include options for your donations.  Below are some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) that may assist you in your decisions for this year’s Appeal:

We are hopeful that anyone who has not chosen to donate to Catholic Charities in the past or who has not donated in a while will consider helping us in this difficult year.  While we recognize that recent Diocesan developments and other issues may influence donations, the need remains and will continue to grow. Please help!


Dennis & Christine Kessler

Parish Chairs

Last year’s Appeal closed on June 30th. The Diocesan donations received exceeded this year’s goal of $11,000,000 with a total of $11,006.393.
Our totals at Sacred Heart of Jesus Diocesan Shrine and Parish were $37,361 or about 87.9% of our Parish Goal of $42,500 and $831 less than last year’s actual total. This amount was provided by 221 of about 650 potential donors or about 34%. We remain extremely grateful for all of those who responded to this year’s campaign!

IMPORTANT! If you or any other potential donors, friends, or family have questions, the Catholic Charities administration can assure you and them that contributions to the Appeal continue to our programs and services and will NEVER fund any settlements by the diocese.
In addition, one of the important ministries of Catholic Charities is to counsel and assist individuals who recently or in the past have experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse.





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