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Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities Appeal 2017 Update

This year’s Appeal ended on June 30, 2017. Our total for the 2017 Appeal was $38,582.00. That amount is  77.3% of our $49,900.00 Goal for this year and was provided by 229 of 672 or about 34.0% of our potential donors.

The overall Appeal total ended up at 98.755 percent of the $11,000.000.00 million goal,  or $10,862,428.00

While we did not get to the goal set this year, we thank all of those who helped us get the total that we did. Your donations are so appreciated and you can be assured that they will be put to good work to assist those in Western New York that are in need. 

Dennis & Christine Kessler

Parish Chairs

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