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Catholic Charities

2018 Appeal for Catholic Charities is still underway; The Goal for the 94th Annual Appeal was again set at $11 Million

We at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church and Shrine have set our Parish Goal at $42,500 for this year. Last year our goal had been preset by the Diocese at $49,500. We only reached about 77% of that goal with about 34% of our potential donors. So this year we are setting our parish goal to a more realistic amount or about 10% above what was actually realized in the 2017 Appeal.

As of May 8th, the current Parish Total is $34,801 or about 82% of our Parish Goal. This amount has been provided by 203 of about 650 potential donors or about 31%: about a third of our parishioners.

Thanks to all who have responded to this year’s Appeal so far. Your donations will be well used especially in this difficult year.

IMPORTANT!  If you or any other potential donors, friends, or family have questions, the Catholic Charities administration can assure you and them that contributions to the Appeal continue to our programs and services and will NEVER fund any settlements by the diocese.

In addition, one of the important ministries of Catholic Charities is to counsel and assist individuals who recently or in the past have experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

The overall campaign goes on until June 30th.  If you have yet to respond, please consider what your gift will be to help support all of the worthy efforts of our Western New York Catholic Charities agencies. Just know and realize how much you impact people lives every day with your assistance.  Thank You!

Dennis & Christine Kessler

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